Sunday, November 18, 2007

ME in Choir

Did you feel that ripple in space-time?

Several months ago, I told someone that if I were released from some of my responsibilities at church I would sing in the choir (never mind that I don't sing). About a month later I was released from one thing, but didn't go to choir (after all I still had multiple callings). Today, I was released as the Single Adult representative and I knew that my bluff had been called.

Maybe it will help if I have someone make me a recording so that my note is playing in my ear. Or maybe I will finally get myself that keyboard. When I was a kid I wanted to learn to sing, but all the singers I knew took great pleasure in tormenting me for my lack of talent. Somewhere along the way I became convinced that I should be happy with the talent I had and not covet others. Now I'm thinking it is a skill and to paraphrase DesMerin: You can learn to do anything if you want it enough to work at it for a LONG time even though you don't show natural talent.

The amazing thing was that when we messed up, everyone laughed LOUDLY and then tried again. It was fun. Imagine that, Ginny ENJOYING choir practice.

I think I will order a copy of "Beautiful Singing is Not Just for the Chosen" since it is not airing on BYU Television Online at the moment. Everytime I watch Professor Clayne Robison in action, I believe that I can to it. Maybe I'll check into those percussion and/or piano lessons while I'm at it.

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