Thursday, January 17, 2008

Should I Grab My Shovel

So maybe I should have brought one of the snow shovels when I moved back to Alabama from Indiana. "They" say it shouldn't be as bad as '93 but "they" were predicting less than 6 inches before an "historic and major winter storm affected much of the Ohio Valley from the 22nd into the 23rd of December 2004. Two bursts of heavy snow, separated by a few hours, brought over two feet of snow across several counties north of the Ohio River in southern Indiana. Interstates 64 and 65 across southern Indiana were closed for a number of hours during this storm."  I had a bad feeling so I asked DesMerin to leave the end of semester LAN party with the nerd herd. We loaded up the dogs in the Bronco II and headed south for Christmas just ahead of the storm.  The photo below was taken after I had shoveled the drive a week or so later when we returned.

Of course, then I remembered "I'm with Stupid" . . . I can't remember if DesMerin and I listened to "Wisconsin Death Trip" on that road trip but we certainly did on many others.  So I'm listening to it now...

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