Saturday, April 12, 2008

A-Day Fun

The plan was go to work early so I could get a parking spot before the fans arrived for the A-Day scrimmage game. Around 11:30 I decided I should take a break from grading and make a donation to the Theta Tau Charity Raffle. Then I thought, it was too nice of a day not to go check out the action on the Quad. The next thing you know I am in the nosebleed section of the northwest corner of Bryant Denny Stadium and it is already half-time and I really do have over 100 exams to grade.

So I go back to my office to find a voice mail informing me that I won!


Now the plan is to see how close they are to funding the dog and if necessary put the football back on the market to raise some more money. Why you ask? Because it is what I require of myself (darn do-gooder gene) . . . just like getting back to grading these exams.


Big Daddy said...

Congrats on your winnings. Autographed ball by The Savior is always good to have!

Virginia said...

Thanks. If THE Savior had autographed the football, it might be harder to put it back on the auction block. Then if he were here chill'n at A-day it would mean that his work was done (unlike mine) and the reason for the raffle would have been taken care of by other means. Sadly for the Tide, what is true for THE Savior is true for "The Savior" he can teach all he wants BUT WE still have to make the choice EVERY time we fall down to do ALL the WORK until the VERY END! Now if I can keep that in mind while I keep grading these papers.

Nilla said...

So when you described getting the football, I was picturing a little one... Congrats on winning! I never win things like that, so that's cool!

Virginia said...

Yep - it is a regulation size football!

Chris wins more stuff than me (he finds 4-leaf clovers too) - I really don't consider myself lucky but I have won $100 on a radio call in, a piece of hand thrown pottery, and this football.

Scholarships and fellowships aren't the same - almost as much a matter of luck but we like to pretend not!

Nilla said...

Scholarships I categorize as blessings... I don't think it's luck at all :).