Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Time Stands Still


The Excuse: This was the 'fridge calendar used so my youngest and I could have some idea where the other was. Therefore, I haven't needed it since he reported to the MTC.

The Reality: Complicated, but I had been so focused on his reaching that goal that I hadn't planned much beyond. Thankfully, one was forming in the background. Now all I have to do is bring it into the light.

Parting Comment: It's not I haven't been doing anything. I've taught an extra class each semester AND my tax refund was in the bank by February 19th. This has been a nice experiment but I really do prefer a concrete plan even now that I know that almost nothing goes as planned.


Nilla said...

Well, you know the saying... Life is what happens when we're busy making other plans... Or not, as the case may be. Life doesn't have a pause button -- or a rewind button -- or a fast foward button for that matter... Darn it.

Virginia said...

Well all bets would be off if we just learned to travel at the speed of light!