Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Peace in the Pieces

I decided to partake in some of the after hours opportunities on campus. I'm not sure what it says about me but my choices have been (1) a lecture on viral plagues, (2) a discussion by Norman Fischer on zen and the creative experience, and (3) Pieces of War. Maybe I should round out the week my attending some of the tailgating activities this weekend! One thing is certain, I won't be waiting around for someone who wants to tag along.


Nilla said...

Woohoo! A post! How are you!?! How was tail-gating stuff? Did you go?

I should call you. I meant to call earlier today, and then the kids came over. Ugh. I'm a horrible friend. But I'm thinking of you! I'll try to call tomorrow.

Virginia said...

First, no disrespecting one of my best friends EVER! Besides if you are a horrible friend that makes me one too since I too know how to operate a phone.

Second, I puttered around my office all day Saturday but didn't join in the festivities outside. A few un-authorized people found their way into the building which was supposed to be locked so the campus police came twice and ran them out. That was exciting!