Monday, February 16, 2009

Birthday Presents

They say it is the thought that counts... I say what were they thinking.

Action: Your spouse you birthday party the weekend before a test in a graduate class that is eating your lunch.

Reactions: Everyone makes a big fuss over the spouse for being so thoughtful. You are thankful that everyone tanks the test and the entire class gets a do-over. You later find out it was part of a smoke-screen to cover his extra-marital activity.

Action: your abuser blows his brains out on your 17th birthday.

Reaction: You wonder why he couldn't have done it on your 4th which is about the time the 8 (or 9) year nightmare started.

Action: You give your self a headache trying to be nice to someone else.

Reaction: Isn't it about time you started giving yourself the presents you want and need . . . if you don't you might keep getting the same old #^*@%.


Nilla said...

I think birthdays are about the person whose birthday it is. And so yes, you should be giving yourself the presents you want and need. If not at any other time, then definitely on your birthday. Don't let past events ruin future birthdays. You deserve a day that is all about you in a great way :).

Virginia said...

At least neither of my parents ever told me that I was just a bit part of the stage of everyone else's life and that NO ONE cared about my birthday! The parent was actually the one who told me the story as if I would agree. >:\ I think the Mad Hatter in Disney's Alice in Wonderland was correct. We should celebrate our unbirthdays since there are so many more of those!