Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Doing the Math

Somethings should be done (or not) regardless of what the math says. Too bad my brain usually does the math anyway. For example, one should never do the math on a pet, or the food a teenager ingests. I am REALLY excited about meeting my son in Mongolia and serving as his junior companion for a couple of weeks after his release date. This is a priceless experience but some part of me just had to consider alternate uses for the money (around $2000 just for the airfare) . . . I can see why some folks think I'm no fun. In this case I am glad that I have to sacrifice to make the trip happen; there is power in making a good choice that has significant cost. Besides, I have certainly spent more because I allowed myself to be pressured into going along with questionable choices in the name of getting along. Thankfully that trait is in remission.

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Nilla said...

It's true... So easy to consider the cost of things. But one thing for me always outweighs the cost... Is it an irreplaceable experience? Then to me, it is worth it. Because I know the memories will be mine forever. :).