Saturday, March 15, 2008

Old, New, Borrowed & Blue

Spent the afternoon making new memories at Tannehill State Park. Many of the historical aspects of the park have been updated since I first visited the park when my missionary was four. A major part of the new memories involved roaming around the Trading Days area for the first time, I forgot my camera so I guess I'll have to go back.

It had stormed Friday night and Saturday morning so the sky was clear and almost as blue as the tarp in the picture. However, the blue of which I speak is a sad little corner of my heart. First, I was hoping to get a glimpse of the deer. Tim informed me that someone had taken the buck's head and entered it in a trophy contest. After that a decision was made to remove the enclosure and let the deer roam. I guess the good news is that since the buck was a local legend, the moron was caught. I wish I could say that there was no sadness for either of us from sharing memories of our kids from this place with each other than with our former spouses, but at least we can take a hint from one of the T-shirt designs to "Put on Your Big Girl/Boy Undies and Deal with IT!" Without commitment, love the feeling can never grow into love the verb.
When love meets no return the result is suffering, and the greater the love the greater the suffering. There can be no greater suffering than to love purely and perfectly one who is ben upon evil and self-destruction. That was what God endured at the hand of men.
Neal A. Maxwell, Ensign, April 1997
At least our sadness comes no where near that of Heavenly Father. More importantly, with commitment, love the verb can overcome all things; so there is always hope.


Nilla said...

So, I guess the cupcake wasn't poisoned :).

Virginia said...

Not with anything toxic to me!

Nilla said...

Okay, I keep checking up on your blog to see if you've written anything new :). Just so you know :).